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IT Infrastructure Consolidation

One of the top business challenges confronting CIO’s and IT managers today are managing cost effective utilization of IT infrastructure, responsiveness and flexibility in supporting new business objectives. The virtualization buzz word is now old in the industry but still not fully implemented seamlessly in all domains of IT infrastructure like compute, storage, networks and end-points. It is an important aspect of designing an approach for the virtualization journey for an enterprise.

Axiom has deep knowledge and expertise in virtualization eco-system and would be your key partner in embarking this journey.

Compute : Server virtualization not only benefits consolidation, reliability and flexibility but also delivers a unique integrated solution to address critical business needs like fully integrated stack deployment from OS, Rapid VM and application deployment, updates & upgrades via templates, single console management of hardware and many more.

Storage : Storage virtualization is the process of grouping the physical storage from multiple network storage devices so that it looks like a single storage device. The process involves abstracting and covering the internal functions of a storage device from the host application, host servers or a general network in order to facilitate the application and network-independent management of storage. This is one of the foundation stone of setting up your own private cloud.

Network : Network Virtualization is a solution with products that bring symmetry to the symbiotic relationship of compute & network. With network virtualization, the application’s virtual Network is provisioned in lock step with virtual compute, with the same level of speed, automation, and mobility. With compute and network working in symmetry, through server & network virtualization, compute and network are deployed together – rather than one waiting for the other.

End-point virtualization : can provision and protect endpoint environments instantly using streaming, virtual PC, and broker technologies designed to reduce costs and increase productivity. Major benefits of implementing end-point virtualization are to centralized application life cycle management, automate end-point configuration, optimize license costs, robust security and eliminates applications conflicts to improve systems stability and reduce support cost.