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Axiom is an IT Solutions and Infrastructure Management company. We offer solutions based on entire IT infrastructure life cycle management including analysis, designing, planning, integration, support and management. Axiom provide solutions and services that are relevant, innovative, timely and affordable which are always exceeding customer expectations. Axiom assures value addition and value for money proposition to its clients.

Core management team with 20+ years of real life IT expertise in designing and implementation, with innovative IT solutions, we can help organizations to increase efficiency, improve performance and build competitive advantage, also help to speed up and improve Business Processes. Our rich experience of managing wide range of projects, Axiom’s capability to design, implement and support of complex technology solutions can serve clients business critical needs and transform visions to value.

Axiom’s system integration portfolio consists of IT Infrastructure Setup, Consolidation, Data Management Solutions, Network Security, Data Center Transformation, Business Continuity, Enterprise Mobility Management, Cloud Computing, Collaboration, IT Asset Management, IPv6 Transition and Physical Security and Surveillance solutions.

Our IT Services includes Infrastructure Maintenance Services, Work Space Management, Remote Infrastructure Management and many more. Demand for outsourcing IT infrastructure services continues to drive rapid technological advances for enterprise segment. Axiom has rich experience and expertise in supporting IT infrastructure management services to enhance your growth.

Axiom has strong bonding with partners and alliances, we leverage on their domain expertise which enables us of assuring latest, improved solutions and 24 X 7 business continuity to our clients.